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5 Advertisement For Principal

  • Advertisement for Principal:-  
  1. Advertise  for Principal:-
  • Note: - Please fill and select all the fields marked as asterisk(*)

        Advertisement File:- User has to select and advertisement file that he wants to upload by clicking on choose button (Mandatory).

       Enter Advertisement Details: - User has to enter the uploaded advertisement details for Ex. Advertisement for Year 2012 (Mandatory).

      Advertisement Start Date: - User has to select the start date to specify the exact date the advertisement will be effective for Ex. 12/25/2012                 (Mandatory).

     Advertisement End Date: - User has to select the end date to specify the closing date of the advertisement for Ex.12/31/2012 (Mandatory).

     Save: - By clicking on the save user will be able to save the advertisement

     User can view the advertisement file by clicking on view link and can also upload published Advertise.