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Steps of Staff Approval Flow

  • Steps of Staff Approval Flow:-
  1. Institutes are added by the MSBTE.
  2. Staffs are calculated by the MSBTE.
  3. Staffs calculation is available in Institutes login.
  4. Roster are filled by the Institute.
  5. Vacancies are generated by the Institute.
  6. Advertise are generated by the Institute.
  7. Advertise are approved by MSBTE [OS->System Analyst->Dy.Secretory].
  8. Approved advertise are published by Institute.
  9. Scan copy of published advertise is uploaded by Institute.
  10. Scan copy of published advertise is checked by the MBBTE.
  11. RBTE is informed to form selection committee by MSBTE.
  12. Published copy of advertise is checked by RBTE.
  13. Selection committee is formed by RBTE.
  14. Applications are entered by Institute.
  15. Interview candidates attendance is taken by Institute.
  16. Candidate selection by selection committee is done by Institute.
  17. Joined candidates registration is done by Institute.
  18. Candidates are recommended by Institute.
  19. Candidates recommendation with document verification is done by RBTE.
  20. Candidates are approved by MSBTE[OS->System Analyst->Dy.Secretory->Secretory->Director].